brotherjude.jpgA master craftsman, Br. Jude Schmitt enjoys his woodworking and still considers that to be his favorite medium. However, as he collaborated recently with a few ladies from the Abbey Development Department, the ladies were successful in getting him to consider a new adventure: beautiful wooden Christmas ornaments. You will find many different designs, all created by Br. Jude. The intricate details of the pieces and the image of light reflecting on those details, puts the thought of the joy and blessings of Christmas with all its wonder in one’s mind. We hope you will enjoy the beauty of his creations on your tree this Christmas season or that you find excitement in giving these items as gifts to your friends and love ones. 

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  • Wooden Ornament: Lace-wings Angel Small

    Wooden Ornament: Lace-wings Angel Small

    Being the creative type that he is, Br. Jude Schmitt loves to experiment and create new hand-crafted items. These ornaments are delicate in image, but the material is sturdy and will likely be some of the most treasured family ornaments and a delightful...

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